Christ’s Awesome Victory


Christ’s Awesome Victory
By June Stein

We cannot know what tomorrow may bring,
But know Christ is with us in everything,
We come to Him empty, asking His Grace,
Hungry for Him as we seek His dear face,
Without understanding how it could be,
That God would let Christ die for you and me,
We accept what we know only in part,
God, Who knows all, has a merciful heart.

God knows our sorrow and He knows our pain,
That what is now loss, at last will be gain,
We can have faith as we live each new day,
For Christ is the Life, the Truth and the Way,
His awesome Victory, won on the Cross,
Now has made possible new life from lost,
He sacrificed His own life for our sin,
Now and forevermore, we’ll live with Him!

Christ has already prepared a new place,
Waiting for us till we finish our race,
 And take leave of earth when He calls us home,
To be with be with our Savior; never alone,
What can I do for Christ, in thanksgiving?
Pledge to Him all that I am, while living,
His awesome Victory, won on the Cross,
Gives new life in Him to all of the lost!




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