For The Thirsty!


For The Thirsty!
By June Stein

Come drink the waters, you who thirst,
You who have no money,
Come and taste the living water,
Sweet it is—like honey,
Let all in need turn to the Lord,
Mercy He freely gives,
Our Lord will pardon those who ask,
Go to the Lord and live!

As the heavens are higher than earth,
So are God’s thoughts and way,
Higher than anything of ours,
There will come a new day,
God’s Word will not return empty,
It will all be fulfilled,
Everything will be as ordained,
According to His Will.

God’s people will go out in joy,
And be led forth in peace,
Mountains and hills burst into song,
Blessings that will not cease,
Trees of the field will clap their hands,
Thorns and briars won’t grow,
Pine trees and myrtle take their place,
God’s Name forever known!


[Gleanings from Isaiah 55]



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