Lord Jesus You Are Worthy


Lord Jesus You Are Worthy
By June Stein

Lord Jesus You are worthy
Of every praise we bring,

Of our complete devotion
And every song we sing.
We know each gift we offer
Is less than You deserve,

Lord may our heart’s desire be
That You, alone, we serve.

Whenever Lord we praise You
There’s joy within our soul,

With every prayer we offer
Our sense of peace is whole.
Your Church is one in You Lord
Of which we are a part,
And in that mystic union
Sweet blessings fill our hearts.

We thank You, precious Jesus
You love us all so much,
There is no sin so foul Lord
That You withhold Your touch.

You wait in patient mercy
To hear our guilty cry,
You cover every sin Lord,
And dry each tearful eye.

Lord Jesus You are worthy
Of all our thanks today,
You are our joy, our strength Lord
Our Light, our Truth, our Way.
On earth we freely offer
Our hearts and lives to You,

Awaiting heaven’s glories
To live with You anew.




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