There’s A Struggle Going On


There’s A Struggle Going On
By Tom D Blakely

There’s a struggle going on
in the hearts and minds of all,
Who are searching for the truth amidst the lies.
Satan’s blinded them so long
that they can’t see right from wrong,
Lord we pray that You will open up their eyes.

Lord the mission fields are ripe
but few reapers are in sight,
May we pray that You convict us of the need.
That the souls which are brought in
may rejoice with us in heaven,
Where we know that our reward is great indeed.

When we find our mission field
heaven’s chosen crop to yield,
May we know that by ourselves we work in vain;
But with Jesus as our Lord
and directed by His word,
We will labour in His love and in His name.

There’s a struggle going on
but the Lord shall win the day,
May His children rally to their Lord’s command.
Whether praying on our knees
or at work in mission fields,
Lord we ask that You will help us take a stand.




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