Our God Is Holy


Our God Is Holy
By Tom D Blakely

The Lord our God is holy
He hates the sin we sin,
Our moments of transgression
Spoil fellowship with Him.
And yet our God is faithful
He will forgive our sin,
But we must make confession
Communion to maintain.

Our lips at times betray us
Show emptiness within,
Our minds so often wander
Unguarded into sin.
Our nature has a bias
T’wards selfishness and lust,
But help comes from God’s Spirit
In whom we learn to trust.

God’s help we need each morning
We must take time to pray,
Or heedless to our Shepherd
We sheep would surely stray.
To God we take our problems
Our every hurt and care,
And He removes the burden
Or makes it light to bear.

A holy war is raging
The battle lines are drawn,
And if we love the Saviour
This battle must be won.
The fight will not be easy
But to the Lord be true;
For as our God is Holy
We must be holy too.




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