What Is Truth?


What Is Truth?
By Marie C Neubauer

O what is truth? the skeptic asks
For in this world, are many paths?
How shall I know, which words are true?
For it is truth, that I pursue?

Jesus is TRUTH, He is God’s Son
A living God, to earth did come!
Through Him we’ve life, eternally
And know the truth, that sets us free!


How can I know, of whom you speak?
Who holds the truth, for which I seek?
For many claim, their way is right
How can I find, the divine light?

When we repent, invite Christ in
He lifts the weight, of all our sin!
He is the Way, the Truth and Life
All power lies, in Jesus Christ!


Pilate said unto Him, “What is truth?”
[John 18:38]



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