Before You Begin


Before You Begin
By Christine Hare Tate

Like the morning mist that comes and goes

or the bloom that falls from the rose,

is our life from the moment of birth…

How do we spend each waking hour?

are we self-absorbed with dreams of power?

Have we a list of goals to achieve,

in our own sufficiency do we believe?

Do we smell the flowers along the way,

make time for work but not to pray?

Are we obsessed with leisure and fun,

and dwell on that when the day is done?

Does the Lord fit into the equation,

or is His presence an invasion?

Our days are numbered, so…

Savor the taste of a juicy peach,

breathe in the air at the beach,

see a need and show you care,

touch someone who’s in despair.

Listen to nature’s symphony

and don’t squander time foolishly.

Enjoy God’s blessings, it’s not a sin,

but give Him first place before you begin!


“Lord, help me realize how brief my life on earth will be.
Help me to know that I’m here but for a moment more.
My life is no longer than my hand!
My whole lifetime is but a moment to you.
Proud man! Frail as breath! A shadow!
All his busy rushing ends in nothing!
He heaps up riches for someone else to spend!
So Lord, my only hope is in You.”
[Psalm 39:4-7]



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