By June Stein

As Moses spoke to God’s people once,
His words speak to us, today,
What he commanded was not in heaven,
That they must reach to obey,
Nor beyond a sea that they must cross,
So that they might find the way.

Moses said, “No, the word is near you,
It is in your mouth and heart,
I set before you now life and death.”
They were to be set apart,
To love the Lord and walk in His ways,
To keep His commands and laws.

If they would do this, they would be blessed,
In the land where they would live,
But if their hearts turned to foreign gods,
The Lord God would not forgive,
“Love the Lord and listen to His voice,
Hold fast to Him – He is life!”

In many places which God has blessed,
There are choices to be made,
Christ’s Name is being denigrated,
Many have fallen away,
Too many rights have been compromised,
Christ the Lord is here to stay!

It is true, retribution may come,
The Lord God will not be mocked,
Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,
Within in His Grace we are locked,
Whatever comes, we are safe in Him,
And heaven will be our home.


[Deuteronomy 20:11-20]



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