Dialogue With The Devil


Dialogue With The Devil
By Tom D Blakely

“Don’t wake up yet, just lie in bed, for you deserve your rest.
Perhaps a dream I might supply, from pleasure’s treasure chest?”

“How can I rest when you’re awake, and doing so much harm?
I’ll only rest when Jesus comes, and you are dead and gone!”

“Most people don’t believe in me, so I leave them alone,
Except to give them this and that; whatever turns them on.”

“You ask me why I cannot sleep, and why I don’t relax?
But I rest only by God’s will, and not while hell attacks!”

“You take me much too seriously; as if I’d do you harm?
For I’m the one that satisfies, and answers every whim!
Enjoy my world and all it’s charms, like everybody else.
What kind of fool would waste his days, with no time for himself?
Think of the endless hours you spend, in prayer to some vague god
Who none on earth has ever seen; is that not rather odd?
Forget him now and come with me, leave God and guilt behind
For I have things right here and now, I’ve kept with you in mind.
To you I’ll give just anything, and I’ve a lot to give.
Before you die, you really should chill out and learn to live!”

“Satan you are without a doubt, deserving of respect.
I think if it were possible, you’d fool the Lord’s elect!
The Bible teaches me a lot, about you and your ways,
Of how from heaven you were expelled, and how you spend your days.
And how you try to pay God back, by spoiling all He made
And set up camp here in the world, as if you are it’s god.
No one on earth believes in God, I’d say, as much as you!
Because you sinned against God first, and caused us to sin too.
The penalty for sin is death, but mankind unlike you,
Can be forgiven through Christ’s death, your work He did undo!
Or did you think the Son of God, was beaten at the cross?
For I think not or you would gloat, at such a heavenly loss.
Of course you would, but no you can’t, because it isn’t true,
For Jesus conquered death and hell, and Satan also – you!
I’ve often heard your demons talk; in visions of the night
That you just live to wreck mankind, and this by divine right?
Well this is nothing new to us, for poor Job knew it too
When tested more than anyone; the Lord was using you!
You had to ask permission first, from God who you despise
For it is written in God’s Word; His truth shows up your lies!
Like Eden’s tree and Calvary’s cross, you claimed the victory!
Do you believe the lies you spread; how blinded can you be?
You’re not naive, you never were; at least you’re not today,
Your remit’s running out thank God; for Christ is on His way!
Not as the man once crucified, by those who follow you,
But King of all the universe, all rebels to subdue!
And every knee shall bow to Him; at Jesus’ feet at last,
In joyful worship by His own, or feared by sinners lost.”

“Would you defy my mighty power? Pathetic, little, man!
You do not know the powers I have, or who I really am!
A powerful angel with the strength, to kill ten million men.
Have I not shown what I can do? I caused all this ruin!
Nobody rebels against God, all heaven once declared.
I was the one who changed all that! Of God I am not scared!
You are a man so act like one! Leave God, choose liberty!
Admit it you’re a rebel too, that’s why you think like me?”

“Thanks to you I was born that way; a very natural trait
And if it had not been for God, I’d be a rebel yet.
To God be glory and be praise for all that He has done,
To take the penalty for sin, He gave His only Son.
What peace and comfort and what joy I had when I was saved.
Such blest relief from sin and death, to which I was enslaved.
And not by any good in me, did I draw near the cross.
But by God’s Spirit I was led that I would not be lost!
The Lord in mercy spoke to me; my cold heart strangely warmed.
I sought to have my sins removed, and to His Son I turned.
So that I might more clearly see, the horrors of my sin,
I did cry out for days in vain before I was forgiven!
Forever lost became my dread, and then the teardrops fell.
Was it for me I thus did cry, or Jesus, I can’t tell?
But then a shadow filled the place, where I was bowed in prayer.
It was my Saviour on the cross; to me He did appear!
I begged forgiveness of the Lord, and by His blood that flowed.
I knew that God forgave my sin and cleared the debt I owed.
And now I have a risen Lord, who sits at God’s right hand,
Who rules my life and leads me to the heavenly promised land!”

“I will not listen any more, to this familiar tale
I cannot stand this kind of talk; it makes me feel quite ill!
So Jesus Christ has made you His, and I am overruled
A testimony has such power that even I must yield.”


Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,
“Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God,
and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren,
who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.
And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,
and they did not love their lives to the death.”
[Revelation 12:10-11]



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