Is Jesus In My Heart?


Is Jesus In My Heart?
By Tom D Blakely

Have I got a place to live
A warm and cozy bed?
Many do not have a home
Or roof above their head.
Have I food and drink to spare
So I can pick and choose?
Others eat what they can get
For they have got no choice.

Have I left a restaurant
Well groomed and smartly dressed?
Walked around a filthy tramp
Who looked to me for help?
What a sorry sight I’d think
It must be his own fault?
That is how I’d justify
Not giving any help.

Have I everything I want
Is all what I expect?
Isn’t it what I deserve
The good things I have got?
Then I think about God’s word
Christ’s sermon on the mount…
Have I got a place in heaven?
Is Jesus in my heart?


‘If you love Me, keep My commandments.’
[John 14:15]



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