To The Church Of Laodicea


To The Church Of Laodicea
By Tom D Blakely

You’re neither hot nor cold
Not one thing or another,
And as the world looks on
You’ve nothing good to offer.

Lukewarm, you make Me sick
In worldliness you’re rich,
To serve God or mammon
You must decide on which.

Instead of being rich
You’re wretched, poor and blind.
Come and buy from Me
True riches you will find.

As many as I love
I will rebuke and chasten;
Be zealous and repent
If you desire My blessing.

I stand knocking at your door
If you will hear My voice
Open up the door
In Me once more rejoice.

For all who overcome
Repent, to Me return,
Shall sit down in heaven
With Me and on My throne.


[Revelation 3:14-22]


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