To The Church Of Sardis


To The Church Of Sardis
By Tom D Blakely

I know you and your works
Your name of being alive;
But really you are dead
In need of being revived.

Awake and be watchful
You who bear My name.
Before everything dies
Strengthen what remains.

Your works are deeply flawed
Imperfect before God.
Remember how you received
And all that you have heard.

If you refuse to watch
I will come just as a thief.
You will not be ready;
Asleep with no real faith.

In Sardis there remain
Some still undefiled;
They are worthy of Me
Their garments are unspoiled.

Their names are secure
In the Lamb’s book of life.
And before God the Father
Each one I will confess.


[Revelation 3:1-6]


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