Just One Visit With Jesus


Just One Visit With Jesus
By Marie C Neubauer

She was drawing water

From the well that day,

Jesus asked her for a drink

As He passed her way.

Why speak to me?

I guess you forgot,

With the Samaritans

The Jews deal not!

But she became curious

By what He said then,

I’ll give you living water

You’ll never thirst again!

Well Sir, give me this water

That I thirst no more,

And no longer have to come

Down to this well to draw!

Go call your husband

And bring him back here,

I have no husband,

She made that very clear!

Yes, you have had five

And the one now with you

Is not your husband

What you say is true!

I perceive you are a prophet

Just passing this way,

For she was astonished

At what He had to say!

I know that the Messiah

Who is Christ shall come,

He will teach us all things

For He is God’s holy One!

I that speak unto you,

Jesus told her, I am He,

Astounded, she left her water pot

And went into the city!

She told them about Jesus

And bid them all to come,

Is not this the Christ?

He told me all I’ve ever done!

And many in Samaria

Believed on Jesus’ name,

This is indeed the Christ

As this woman proclaimed!

Just one visit from Jesus

See what the Lord can do?

A sinner’s life forever changed,

And a whole city transformed too!


[John 4:1-42]


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