Autumn Time


Autumn Time
By Christine Hare Tate

I love the change of seasons

as my anticipation grows,

from the awakening of springtime

to the first flakes of snow.

But I get an ardent feeling

when autumn time draws near,

with it’s multicolored spectacle,

it’s my favorite time of year!

The harvest moon is grandiose

casting shadows down below,

pumpkin and apple picking,

swirling leaves and scarecrows.

Those leisurely strolls

in the cool, crisp air,

taking in the scenery as

the wind blows thru your hair!

The aroma of pies baking,

the crunch of fallen leaves,

it’s the season for hayrides

and gathering in the sheaves.

Octoberfest celebrations

attract the young and old,
the atmosphere is festive

under chilly skies of gold.

I savor every moment

while autumn time is here,

and give thanks to the Lord

for this glorious time of year!



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