I Can Never


 I Can Never
By June Stein

I can never do enough in service for the Lord,
Never, can I have sufficient time spent in His Word,
True it is, that I desire to put Christ first in life,
But at times, things still come up and fill my way with strife.

I must always put aside whatever blocks my way,
Seeking first a special time to spend with Him each day,
In His Presence, I can rest and let Him have full sway,
When I set my way to His, sweet peace will fill my day.

What a blessing Jesus gives to those who follow Him,
Undeserved by all is that He cast aside our sin,
Granting us salvation through the cleansing of His blood,
Joy unending fills our soul to overflowing flood!

He alone could pay the price for all our sin and shame,
God’s Own Son, His Holy Lamb, would bear for us all blame,
When we love and follow Him, a gift is ours to claim,
There is mighty power when we ask in Jesus’ Name!


“Hitherto you have asked nothing in My Name; ask and
you will receive, that your joy may be full.”
[John 16:24]


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