Return Of The King


Return Of The King
By June Stein

The King of Glory waits above
To hear His Father’s Word,
He’s ready now to come again
And claim His own on earth.
The world will see our Savior King
Illumined in the sky,
More brilliant than the blazing sun
Or myriad stars on high.

What joyful rapture for God’s saints
When wonder fills their soul,
While fear and trembling falls upon
All those who would not know;
They closed their hearts and minds to Christ
Who gave His life for them,
And now at judgment, Hell awaits
They carry all their sin.

While Christ awaits His Father’s Word
All sinners may repent,
When seeking Christ with earnest heart
In His Grace sins are met.
Christ won forgiveness for all sin
With His blood on the Cross,
He bled and died in sacrifice
 To save the whole world’s lost.

When Christ arose victorious
And walked out of the tomb,
Satan and death He overcame
Dispelling all the gloom.
Because He lives we too shall live
Salvation is in Christ,
Our home will be in Heaven with Him
He gives eternal life!



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