My God Forever


My God Forever
By June Stein

My God is compassionate and gracious,
And abounding in steadfast love,
He is always with me, and knows my needs,
Not in a different realm above,
He is faithful to answer when I call,
I am not left alone, in pain,
I can rest in His mighty arms of love,
When bathed in His love, all is gain.

At end, there is nothing that I must fear,
For in everything, Love remains,
The ways of God are beyond my knowledge,
And He has no need to explain,
It’s enough that I know He is with me,
That all things are subject to Him,
For God is omnipotent; over all,
In my God and Father, I live.

You are forgiving and good, my Lord God,
You save me from evil and Hell,
As I come to You and lift up my soul,
I hear in my mind, “All is well”,
You bring such unspeakable joy to me,
That I hardly can take it in,
To think that You knew me before my birth,
And now You are living within.

Lord, be with me every day of my life,
I will praise You with all my heart,
Teach me Your way; I will walk in Your Truth,
And serve You in all, not in part,
How great are Your deeds; You alone are God,
You are forever still the same,
How can I not offer my love and praise,
To glorify Your Holy Name!


[Based on Psalm 86]


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