A Journey


A Journey
By June Stein

Yesterday is part of us, and yet forever gone,

We can’t bring back one moment that’s been spent,

What we were in each day past keeps on changing day to day,

For branches ever grow as twigs are bent.

This pilgrim journey of each soul is ultimately lone…

None can truly share with us but God,

He, alone, is our companion in the deepest sense of self,

He, alone, knows every pathway we must trod.

The smallest triumph never goes unnoticed,

The secret cries of anguish, He still hears,

Each stumble in our journey, He compassionately sees,

And with us, every burden He will bear,

The rock on which we stand must be Christ Jesus,

The light to light our darkness…God’s own Son,

What gain to own the world, and not to know Him?

Without Him, emptiness is what we’ve won.

The Way, the Truth, the Life is ever Jesus,

He came to give us life, not to condemn,

Our Shepherd tends His flock and ever seeks the lost,

In Him, each day, we’re truly born again.
When we are born of water and of the Spirit,

Then Jesus is forever at our side,

He walks with us and shares all of life’s moments,

He lives within our heart and soul and mind.

As surely as we live and breathe this moment,

And yesterday, with all it held, is past,

The end will be upon us in a twinkling,

The span our life encompassed, as the grass,

But, “God is not God of the dead, but of the living”…

To this promise Jesus gave us, we lay claim!

And so, as St Paul said, we too can echo…

“For to me, To live is Christ, and to die is gain”.


“For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

[Philippians 1:21]


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