By Faith


By Faith
By Lucia K Haase

He healed a man with leprosy

and a servant paralyzed, of whom He’d heard;

the demon possessed, He made them see,

healing them with holy word.

He awoke a daughter from her sleep

and healed a woman who bled for years;

He touched the blind, new sight to reap,

restored a voice and calmed one’s fears.

He fed 5000 with 2 fish and bread

and walked on water, rebuking wind;

then 4000 more with little, He fed

and cast a boy’s demon from within

He healed two blind men at Jericho

He claimed for us – eternity,

and to the disciples after His death

appeared on the mountainside in Galilee.

He taught us, ‘we can be assured’

following the path that He has laid,

remember, Jesus calmed the storm and said,

”Oh you of little faith, why are you so afraid?”



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