The Body Of Christ


The Body Of Christ
By June Stein

One of the sweetest blessings I know

Is to be ‘one’ in the body of Christ,

That body is marvelous; put together

With parts of costliest price.

For the price was His blood shed at Calvary

Given in love for His own,

He willing came to suffer and die

Leaving His heavenly throne.

By example, He taught us to love and forgive,

To joy in the body we share,

He helps us each to fulfill the purpose

We were born for, when He put us there.

We can savor the wisdom in all of the gifts

He bestowed on this body divine,

Fed by His Holy Word

Thirst quenched by water, sublime.

He knew we would need the strength of each other

To withstand the trials of the world,

And so we go forward, together

With His banner of love unfurled!



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