Life Eternal


Life Eternal
By June Stein

While we are dwelling in this world,
We can also ‘dwell in Christ’,
As heart and mind abide in Him,
This is, now, eternal life,
Our God in Heaven sent His Son,
To be the world’s salvation,
Jesus’ death and resurrection,
Brought new life to all nations.

Without Christ, our lives are futile,
Satan charms us straight to Hell,
He seeks only to deceive us,
Whispering that, “All is well”,
“Try whatever might attract you –
There is nothing after death”
Not mentioning the fires of Hell,
We would find at our last breath.

When we die in Christ, we live on,
In our blest eternal life,
Joyous entry into Heaven,
Left behind – all pain and strife,
Life God gave to us through Jesus,
With no merit of our own,
Life forever with our Savior,
We shall see Him on His throne.

That happens when we will accept,
Christ Jesus as our Savior,
That Jesus died for all our sins –
All of our past behavior,
While you live, you still can seek Him,
Ask Him to forgive your sins,
If you are sincere, He’ll bless you,
You will have new life in Him.

God, the Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and the End,
Has prepared a Holy City,
Golden, New Jerusalem,
The city needs no sun or moon,
For God’s Glory is the Light,
And its Lamp is The Lamb of God,
Nations will walk in its light.

Nothing impure can enter there,
Nor those of deceit or shame,
Just those whom the Lamb’s Book of Life,
Shows written in it, their name,
Jesus said, “I am coming soon.”
“I will give to everyone,
according to what he has done.”

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”



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