Time In Prayer Is Precious


Time In Prayer Is Precious
By June Stein

Time in prayer is precious
We’re grounded on this earth,
Yet we can soar to heights above
When centered in The Father’s Love.
Our Father knows our name
Beheld us in the womb,
He is Creator of this world
Yet sees our deeds and hears our words!

We need not be afraid
For what the future holds,
We rest our faith and hope in Him
And know His Spirit dwells within.
God the Father loves us
Although He sees our sin,
With love so great that He would give
His Only Son so we might live.

Jesus came to save us
Born both true man/true God,
Died upon the Cross for our sin
All who believe will live in Him.
Alleluia! Praise Him!
And pray in Holy Awe,
Because He died and rose again
When this life ends, we’ll live with Him!

Our Heavenly home awaits,
Our eyes will see the Lord,
We’ll join all those who’ve gone before,
And live with Christ forevermore!



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