The Greatest Conspiracy…


The Greatest Conspiracy…
NOT Just in Theory

By Rita Broden

He’s coming in with flattery
And peace will be his cry.
You see, THIS is his moment.
He thinks God he will defy.

So very much more quickly now
His intentions come to light.
But blinded eyes just cannot see
The cunning of his fight.

When God cast him out of Heaven
Satan pondered on a plan.
And found his opportunity
When God created man.

He’d formed a quite strong weapon
And when the time was right,
He used that mighty weapon
And struck with all his might.

The weapon’s name? It is deceit.
Eve was the first to fall.
And, blindly, Adam followed her –
To the detriment of us all.

They were the first to harken
To the lie that they were told.
But satan didn’t stop with them –
His ‘victory’ made him bold.

To kill, to steal, and, destroy
That was, that IS his goal.
He shrieks the shout of ‘Victory!’
Capturing soul after soul.

Down through all the ages
He kept his weapon honed.
He thought, one day, if he kept this up,
God would be dethroned.

But, the true and living God,
You see, He had a plan!
And so, to put His plan in place,
He came to earth as man!

This Holy man called Jesus,
Would put an end to satan’s lies.
And, upon the appointed day,
Jesus paid the bloody sacrifice.

Jesus won eternal victory
For those who’d call Him Lord!
This did NOT make satan happy.
Like a dragon it was he roared.

Satan knew his time was limited,
Yet, there was still so much to do.
Smiling, he drew his faithful sword.
He knew deceit would shine straight through.

He blinded eyes and hardened hearts.
He raised up a ‘church’ so grand.
This ‘church’ would be God’s ONLY voice
Within the world of man.

And for centuries this ‘church’ would reign,
Until some men got bold.
You see, God had opened blinded eyes
And satan lost his hold.

These men would preach the Word of of God,
NOT dic-tates of man.
And as God’s Truth started going forth
Folks began to understand.

Satan didn’t like this, not one bit,
And he pondered what to do.
He HAD to keep folks blinded.
God’s truth must NOT shine through.

He smiled as he realised
There was still a way to win.
He’d accuse these men of heresy.
Thus, persecution reigned again.

He’d use his ‘church’ as judge and jury,
Declaring men heretics and breakers of rules.
Then turn them over to the civil authorities,
Playing the authorities for fools.

And thus it was these emboldened men
Met their deaths by fire.
A pat on the back satan gave himself,
As his plan he did so much admire.

But Truth, once revealed, cannot be hid!
God would raise up yet more men
To boldly speak the Word of God,
Bringing Truth to the world again!

Time would continue marching on.
Mankind would go through change.
God’s Truth was touching mankind’s heart,
So satan’s plans were rearranged.

Waiting quietly in the background,
Satan’s ‘church’, once again, would rise.
He honed his dutiful weapon,
And this time blinded God’s children’s eyes.

Satan placed within the body of Christ
His minions to deceive.
Pastors, teachers, prophets, and more –
To change the way God’s children believe.

He did this all quite subtly.
Few Christians had a clue.
‘New revelations’ had blinded them.
See, from God’s Word most folks withdrew.

They’d read the latest Christian author;
Watch the Christian TV shows;
And spend their hours learning things
From folks they did not know.

If these folks said they were Christians,
Well, then Christians they must be!
Most people didn’t check God’s Word
To see if God’s Word did agree.

False teachings thus abounded;
False miracles as well.
Signs and wonders are the ‘in’ thing now.
What happens next God’s Word does tell!

Do you recall that cry of peace?
Do you recall that flattering tongue?
These warning signs are important!
They’re how the end of the world’s begun.

Who WILL emerge as the son of perdition?
Who IS that man of sin?
Right now we simply do not know –
But it won’t be long until they usher him in.

I have my thoughts about this.
They’re only thoughts, now mind!
I share this out of much concern –
Not to be unkind.

Let’s review what’s happened
Within the years of late.
The embracing of the Catholic Pope
Has stirred up much debate.

As well it should, you see, because
Their history is a mire.
Let’s not forget it was that sect
That put godly men to the fire.

Men were burned and mutilated
For making God’s Word clear.
The Roman Catholics didn’t like this;
Loss of control they did fear.

Yet, God’s Word would break through
And Truth would reign, at least, a while.
But I am wondering, now, just why
Pope Francis wears a smile?

The emergent church spreads it’s arms out to him.
He welcomes them back to their ‘Mother’.
Really? Come on folks! RC’s haven’t changed!
They’ve merely put off one face for another.

Within their Catechism is a number 841.
It addresses Muslims and their faith.
I found I had a question form while reading 841:
Just what do they mean ‘…in the first place…’? ?

Could it mean we might see a Muslim
Ruling as Pope some day soon?
It really wouldn’t surprise me!
(Keep your eyes and your ears both in tune)

In this number 841,
Jesus is never mentioned at all.
Yet Jesus is the focal point.
HE saved us from our fall!

‘No man cometh unto the Father
But by me’ is what Jesus said.
If the Muslims don’t acknowledge Jesus as Lord…
Their faith that they claim? It is dead.

At this point let me remind you,
Before I continue on,
We are in a SPIRITUAL battle;
Much of mankind is satan’s pawn.

Also, remember satan’s weapon deceit
And how cunningly it’s used.
It pierces man’s unguarded mind
And makes man’s thoughts confused.

It twists the mind and can make folks think
That things are not what they are.
It can make folks think things are what they’re not –
Deceit’s range of motion is far.

Back to my thoughts (mind you, only my thoughts),
I DO think Christ’s return is quite near.
Prophecies are being fulfilled left and right.
Jesus is coming again! That’s quite clear!

Prepare yourselves for the battle!
Dig way down deep in God’s Word!
Let God’s Word be the ONLY source
To discern what you’ve seen and you’ve heard.


“Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.”
[2 Thessalonians 2:1-4]


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