What Should I Offer To The Lord?


What Should I Offer To The Lord?
By June Stein

What should I offer to The Lord?
A question which should have no doubt,
I need but ponder all He’s given,
There’s nothing left to think about.

My life and soul are in His hand,
Without His love, I’d be bereft,
I can’t  think what I own is mine,
Without my Lord, no good is left.

Not one thing in this world can last,
But through His holy sacrifice,
My every sin on Him was cast,
He won for me eternal life.

So as I ask what I should give,
To One Who gave His life for me,
The answer has to be, “My all”,
To meet whatever need I see.

My precious Lord will lead my way,
If I but ask to do His will,
My heart and mind are both in Him,
In Him, are all my needs fulfilled!



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