Everyday’s The Lord’s Day


Everyday’s The Lord’s Day
By Marie C Neubauer

Everyday’s the Lord’s day,

Since Jesus abides within,

He’s always right here with me,

My heart belongs to Him,

With Him each day is special,

In Him my life’s complete,

Everyday’s the Lord’s day,

Since Jesus I did meet!

Everyday’s the Lord’s day,

Jesus lives within my heart,

The peace of God He gave me,

Right from the very start,

He helps if I face struggles

Brings victory to my soul,

Everyday’s the Lord’s day,

For Jesus made me whole!

Everyday’s the Lords day,

All my hope is found in Him,

My spirit keeps rejoicing,

With His presence deep within,

No matter what befalls me,

He said I’m not to fear,

For everyday’s the Lord’s day,

When my Savior’s very near!


“This is the day that the Lord hats made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.”
[Psalm 118:24]


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