Root Of All Sin


Root Of All Sin
By Tom D Blakely

Some sins come from the body
Its cravings and desires
The list is almost endless
It lights a thousand fires.
Think about its greed and wants
When they are not restrained
But these are creature instincts
Within the flesh contained.

Some might say, but there are more
For humans are not beasts
That eat, drink and procreate
And have no other needs!
Humans are much more than these
We have the world to gain.
Fame and fortune and the like
These also lead to sin.

It isn’t fame and pleasure
Or all the planet’s gold
But something more primeval
In fact, not of this world…
It is the sin of Satan
Who thought he should be God
Who knew the root of all sin:
The deadly sin of pride!

Some might say, pride cannot be
The root of every sin!
For they think pride is harmless
Perhaps a worthy thing.
Pride is the root of evil
That leads to lawlessness
For pride does what it pleases
God knows the harm in this!


“The LORD detests all the proud of heart.
Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.”
[Proverbs 16:5]


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