God’s Word


God’s Word
By June Stein

This welcome, quiet morning,
I open up my mind,
And search within my Bible,
To see what gems I find,
It’s never time that’s wasted,
Rich treasure is inside,
A treasure worth the seeking,
In our God’s Word we find.

Now, some will miss this treasure,
With loss to heart and soul,
There is no other true source,
No other place to know,
The Word of God Almighty,
And His Salvation plan,
That He would send His Own Son,
To save the lives of man.

Before the world’s foundation,
All things were known by God,
Every child who would be born,
And evil on this sod,
The virgin birth of Jesus,
Born as true man/true God,
Sent to die upon a Cross,
For our sin, bore the cost.

Our Bible was provided,
To keep us close to God,
We find the Love of Jesus,
When seeking in The Word,
Worship is a vital part,
Of living out our faith,
Quiet time for soul and heart,
And Holy Word to aid!


“Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path.”
[Psalm 119:105]


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