Moaning To Others


Moaning To Others
By Tom D Blakely

At times we moan to others
Voice every ache and pain
This is an awful witness
And to the Lord brings shame
We know that prayer is better
Our comfort comes from God
He knows how much we suffer
In Him we should confide.

God gives us strength in weakness
And faith for unbelief
He brings joy from sorrow
And comfort in our grief.


If we are true believers
And born again of God
Then we should follow Jesus
And fully trust God’s Word
And that means take our problems
Each one to God in prayer
And when we share our burdens
He makes them light to bear.

God gives us love for hatred
He calms an angry mood
Gives us hope in trials
From trouble He brings good.


“It is better to trust in the Lord
Than to put confidence in man.”
[Psalm 118:8]


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