The Wilderness


The Wilderness
By Tom D Blakely

The world is like the wilderness
Before the promised land
As followers of Christ we know
Alone we cannot stand.
We must resist the tempter’s power
To lure us into sin
By looking heavenward to Christ
And trusting only Him.

Praise God who brought us to our knees
Convicting us of sin
Who showed His Son died in our place
That we might be forgiven.
What grace and mercy God conferred
On us through Christ His Son
He called us out to be His own
To glorify His name.

Now God looks down upon His own
Redeemed at such a price
Protected by Christ’s righteousness
Which brings eternal peace.
More wonderful than words convey
Awaits God’s paradise
Till then let’s live as Jesus did
In this world’s wilderness.



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