We Live by Faith


We Live by Faith
By June Stein

We live by faith in Jesus Christ,
Son of God the Father,
Who made His light shine in our hearts,
Sent to pierce the darkness,
Through the power of God’s Glory,
Christ’s light shines within us.

Thank You Father, Son and Spirit,
Your great mercy freed me,
No merit of my own I claim,
Only Christ within me,
What can I do to thank You, Lord?
For Christ, my victory!

It is pure joy to worship You,
And know You’re near to me,
May all I meet, Lord, feel Your love,
And seek to learn of Thee,
Each day I dedicate anew,
To live by faith in You!


“Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
Let Your glory be over all the earth.”
[Psalm 57:11]


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