Help Me To Share


Help Me To Share
By June Stein

To You I call, O Lord, my Rock
And lift Your name on high,
O guide and fill me with Your truth
I pray that You draw nigh.
My hope is in You all day long
I seek no other one,
Help me to share with others Lord
The glory of Your Love.

There are so many who don’t know
You died for all man’s sin,
Your Holy blood shed on the cross
Eternal life to win.
Lord, fill me now with urgency
To speak about Your love,
With confidence You give to me
And words sent from above.

Though all we have to do is ask
For Your redeeming grace,
You suffered pain and agony
By taking mankind’s place.
We never could have paid our debt
There was no other way,
The Holy Lamb of God was slain
New life was born that day!



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