My Way In Life


My Way In Life
By June Stein

All along my way in life, Lord,
You have been my Guide and stay,
Even when I didn’t know it,
You’ve been with me all the way,
In every sun kissed summer day,
You were always there with me,
Your gentle presence touched my heart,
Letting pure joy enter me.

Our pathways are not always bright,
But we see Your light ahead,
And when I keep my eyes on You,
There is nothing I need dread,
With You, Lord, we know we’ll make it,
Through the painful times in life,
You strengthen us and hold us fast,
In all danger, fear and strife.

When we make the wrong decisions,
There are lessons to be learned,
With Your counsel, we can manage,
Leaning on our Shepherd’s arm,
When we center life in You, Lord,
Then no matter what may come,
You are our Eternal Savior,
In You, we shall overcome!


“Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth and the life…”
[John 14:6]


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