The Easter Story


The Easter Story
By June Stein

Christ took my sin; I know it’s true,
When He suffered on the Cross,
Willingly, He gave His life,
For the sins of all the lost,
God sacrificed for all man’s sin,
His Own Son, the Holy Lamb,
Nothing we could do would save us,
Christ gave all, held nothing back.

Pontius Pilot tried to spare Him,
 ‘One’ could be set free that day,
 Raucous crowd then chose “Barabbas!”
And guards bullied Christ away,
He was spit upon and smitten,
Crown of thorns shoved on His head,
Then they cruelly mocked and flogged Him,
To crucifixion, they now led.

With bloody back and crown of thorns,
Forced to carry His Own Cross,
On the hilly way to Calvary,
Weak and falling, from blood loss,
Simon, from Cyrene, was passing,
Guards hailed him to help with Cross,
Golgotha, the destination;
Where The Lord was nailed to Cross.

Lifted up, the pain was searing,
Scoffers cackled scorn at Him,
Close, in vigil, was His Mother,
But her heart was torn within,
There too, was His disciple John,
Who was very close to Him,
Christ told Mary, “…here is your son”,
 “Here is your mother,” He told John.

When Christ was in his deepest depths,
In dark agony for sin,
Even then, He had compassion,
For those doing this to Him,
From the Cross, to God He pleaded…
That His Father would forgive,
“They don’t know what they are doing.”
The Son wanted them to live.

For three hours, day turned to darkness.

God forsook His Only Son,
Fellowship with God was broken,
Christ bore sin for everyone,
Earthquakes shaking and splitting earth,
Temple curtain torn in two,
Christ’s commission from His Father,
He knew, now, was almost through.

With His dying breath, He called out,
To His Father, Holy God,
And committed then His Spirit…
Into Father’s hands, from Son,
In a tomb, friends placed Christ’s body,
Then they left till Sabbath’s end,
Women coming on the third day…
Could not find their Lord and friend.

Stone no longer blocked the entrance,
To the tomb where Jesus lay,
But they saw an Angel sitting,
Heard his words on that new day…

“Do not be afraid”, he told them,
“Jesus, Who was crucified,
is not here and He is not dead.
Hurry, tell the Lord’s disciples,
He will go to Galilee,
There you’ll see Him as He told you.”

Stunned, yet joyful, they believed!!


[A summary of the death and resurrection of Christ gleaned from the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.]


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