My Life, My Hope, My Joy!


My Life, My Hope, My Joy!
By June Stein

My life, my hope, my joy, dear Lord,
Is what You are to me,
Without You, there would be no light,
In darkness, I would be,
The dark would be within my soul,
Without a prayer in mind,
And I would flounder – that is true,
Not knowing what to find.

I thank You Lord, for saving me,
From all my guilt and sin,
You sacrificed Your life for me,
And all who would believe,
As an infant, I was baptized,
To receive Your promise,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Through baptism’s water.

In my remembrance, there’s no time,
I did not know Your Name,
For, “Jesus Loves Me, this I know”,
In my mind still remains.
I want to thank You, Dearest Lord,
For keeping me in Grace,
Today, I know when this life ends,
That I shall see Your Face!




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