Eternity To Eternity


Eternity To Eternity
By Kumalawaty Sundari

From eternity to eternity is my Savior’s love;
Jesus bled and died to save my soul, hallelujah!
In His amazing grace always each step is secure,
My joy increases since His goodness shines.
When heaven’s melodies chime, my heart sings;
I thank to Jesus for His bountiful blessings daily.

From eternity to eternity is the joy that Jesus gives;
Despair may creep yet His mighty hands protect,
His precious treasure I am, secure all the time.
Time flies, yet God’s tender care does endure;
Glory to Jesus who are my light in the darkness!
So true is the peace that Jesus blows into my heart,
No more fear and worry as Jesus walks with me;
How He keeps His child with His everlasting arms!

Amen! His merciful heart is there whenever I need;
Nothing I can do when His faithfulness ends,
Alive I am with Jesus, I belong to His kingdom today!



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