Help Me Draw Closer


Help Me Draw Closer
By June Stein

Help me draw closer to You, Lord,
May my heart and mind be one,
There are so many distractions,
Before I’ve even begun…
To seek You in prayer each morning,
Absorbing Your peace and love.

We do not live in a bubble,
My faith and will must be strong,
You are my Light and my Way, Lord,
Only to You I belong,
Strengthen my faith and commitment,
And fill my heart with Your song!

May my life reflect Your love, Lord,
And my words, Your Word of life,
May I touch some who have not heard,
So many souls need Your Light,
Help me to speak to the unsaved,
Knowing that You are my might!


“Your Word, O Lord, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.”
[Psalm 119:89]

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