Tap, Tap, Tap


Tap, Tap, Tap
By Lucia K Haase

Tap-tap-tap on the window pane
a winded branch, again and again,
tapping harder than before;
sounds like knocking at the door.

I’m busy, yet I pause to see
what is interrupting me;
then the clock chimes, bong-bong-bong
time is moving right along.

Tap-tap-tap on my window pane
constant is the Lord’s refrain;
tapping louder than before,
knocking on my soul-heart’s door.

Time is moving right along;
tap-tap-tap becomes His song…
‘Take some time’, He’s telling me;
too busy, I must never be.


“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered,
“You are worried and upset about many things,
but few things are needed—or indeed only one…”
[Luke 10:41-42]


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