The Fall Of Mankind


The Fall Of Mankind
By Rita Broden

When Eve fell under the beguiling spell
Of the serpent’s crafty deceit 
She had no way of knowing she’d been used as a pawn
In the serpent’s quest for man’s defeat.

Then Adam, still in his pureness of soul
Harkened to the voice of His wife
He tasted the fruit that she offered to him 
And from that day to this changed all life.

The peace and serenity God put into place
Changed with the fall of mankind
The garden of Eden, a “heaven on earth”
Would be lost to the two for all time.

Thorns and thistles now grew alongside lush plants
Making tilling the soil quite a task
And, because tilling the soil is normal these days
“So, what?” is the question you ask.

It’s not just the thorns and the thistles 
That changed at the fall of mankind
Let’s take a look in the Genesis book
Something startling I think we will find.

Every beast of the field, every bird of the air
Every thing that does creep on the ground
Every thing that was given the breath of life
The Fall of man changed all around.

All life that has breath was created
To eat every green plant as their food
They were not created as carnivores
The Fall of mankind changed their mood.

“Peaceable” was every thing that has breath
Never knowing a flesh eating spree
And it won’t be until we reach heaven
That this “peaceable” will once again be.

The lion will truly lay down with the lamb
Pureness and peace will then reign 
We will live forever as God first intended
With no thought of this current life’s bane. 

How loving of God to provide for mankind 
An answer to man’s fallen state
It’s because of God’s love we can now live forever
And for Heaven I anxiously await.

“What is this answer?”, you ask of me now
It’s Jesus, God’s Son! Don’t you see?
He came down to earth to live with mankind
That’s how much God loves you and me!

Jesus showed us the love of the Father
As He taught, and He healed, and prayed 
And knowing His life was required of Him
He, this sacrifice, too, freely made.

He gave up His life to redeem all mankind
From the fall that Adam had made
That’s how much that He loves us
For our sins, with His life, He has paid.

No greater love has ever been given
No greater love will there be
Jesus alone is God’s answer
Jesus alone set us free.



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