By Rita Broden

Have we grown comfortable in this temporary living
Have we forgotten what our lives are all about
Has this “instant” day and age made us quite lazy
I think it has; in fact, there really is no doubt.

We no longer take the washboards to the river
To clean our clothes and make them odor free
We don’t have horses to attend to for the buggies
We don’t make candles now – there’s e-lec-tri-city.

Most gardens now are grown for just mere pleasure
Most of our food comes from the grocery store
We don’t sew our clothes by hand we simply buy them ready made
And if a sale’s good we just buy more and more.

Many of our meals now come from restaurants
Cooking on the woodstove days are gone
Cooking meals, in general, is almost a lost art
Perhaps the skill that cooking takes was not passed on?

With so many things we do not have to do this day and age
How can we be as busy as we claim?
I suspect God’s adversary has deceived us
We have time for everything but lifting Jesus’ name!

Did you ever once consider that our current life of ease
Came just before our Savior’s soon return
We have more time for witnessing now that our chores are light
This time we have right now we must discern.

God has given us much freedom in this modern day and time
He has freed us from back-breaking days of old
Is it really just coincidence our lives now have such ease
Or was it so His sweet Son’s story could be told?

Get honest with yourself and ask this question:
“Am I really just as busy as I say?”
If there’s time for all the other things within this fleeting life
There is surely time for Christians to obey.

Our number one commission is to spread the greatest news
To everyone upon this earthly plain
That Jesus is the way, the truth, the life – The Son of God
Who died for the lost and now He lives again.

God has given us a luxury no other age has seen
That luxury of TIME is ours right now
With this time let’s spread the greatest news about our Lord
At least, that’s how I see things anyhow.



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