Godless Signs & Wonders


Godless Signs & Wonders
By Rita Broden

We live in a time where deception is high
God’s enemy’s time is quite short
So skilful is he in his devious ways
Some Christians now with him consort.

Signs and wonders draw them they think must be from God!
They have wandered from Light and can’t see
With their eyes thusly blinded they anxiously wait
For what the next sign or wonder will be.

They seem to quickly subscribe to the doctrines of man
Forsaking the doctrine of old
Satan’s so cunning in twisting God’s Word
They believe everything that they’re told.

Right now there’s still time for their turning!
God’s Word is alive yet today!
God speaks to us through all its pages
In God’s Word alone I urge you STAY!

Find out what is inside the Bible!
Take it down from its place on the shelf
If you don’t do it now you’ll find out at the end
You had no one to blame but yourself!



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