Hark What Light!


Hark What Light!
By Rita Broden

Hark! What Light through yonder scripture breaks!
It is God’s Word! It is alive!
It breaks through darkest darkness
And at Truth we do arrive.

It nourishes the souls of man
It sets the captive free
It gives an everlasting hope
To sinners such as me.

The Old Testament points to Jesus
The New Testament tells his story
The One who came from heaven
To give His Father glory.

Willingly He gave His life
A ransom for man’s sin
No greater love you’ll ever find
In all the time that’s been.

God’s Word is the best love story
That has ever graced a page
And it speaks to those who seek Him
No matter what their age.

Peace you’ll find; Truth you’ll know
Your Savior you will see
He’s there for every soul on earth
Even a sinner such as me.



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