Sweet Is Heaven In My Heart


Sweet Is Heaven In My Heart
By Kumalawaty Sundari

Hallelujah rings, sweet is heaven in my heart!
His perfect peace binds me now and forever.
Near to His heart, always my joy overflows;
In every struggle Jesus does help His child.

How blessed I am to walk in His truth with Him!
Nothing I fear, since my hands Jesus holds.
My heart He reigns and all things are beautiful;
God’s glory descends, His unfailing love chimes!

Sweet is heaven in my heart since He set me free;
Yes, the warmth of His love is all that I need!
The flood of joy does fill my barren heart,
The emptiness I felt is gone since Jesus came!

His gentle Word soothes, in His salvation I rejoice!
With a thankful heart I praise Jesus my King.
Never am I alone, His mighty hands protect me,
O, how amazing is the touch of His gracious love!



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