Love For You, Lord


Love For You, Lord
By June Stein

Place in my heart, my mind and soul,
Love for You, Lord, that’s truly whole,
Let it shine in all that I do,
That in all, I might honor You,
Although I want to give my all,
Many times I stumble and fall,
Too many things call me away,
Though there’s worth, they cause me to stray.

Lord, You are all my strength and hope,
Only Your guidance helps me cope,
Grateful for blessings not deserved,
Now and always, You I will serve,
Praise and Glory to You we owe,
Your sweet Love is our very own,
You gave Your life upon the Cross,
Your blood was shed to save the lost.

The tomb could not hold You, Dear Lord,
You burst forth on that Easter morn,
And conquered Satan, sin and Hell,
Forever, curse of sin to quell,
Won for sinners eternal life,
Through faith in You, my Jesus Christ,
We will live with You forever,
Worship You in Heaven’s splendor!

Praise You, Dear Lord, Now and Forever!



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