Our Words Will Stand!


Our Words Will Stand!
By Tom D Blakely

Take the world and give me Jesus
Is simply said
Talk costs nothing without meaning
Boast words are dead…
Brother, sister, fellow Christian
Do we know what we are saying?
Maybe we should stop our boasting
Talk to God instead?

If our Lord asks us to follow
Just Him alone
If He said give up our fortune
All that we own…
Would we do what He was asking
Or refuse to even listen?
Knowing we would lose His blessing
Would we follow Him?

Take the world and give me Jesus
Is God’s command
It is time to stop play-acting
And understand…
Only when we are obedient
Truthful to God’s Word and Spirit
To our Lord alone compliant
Then, our words will stand!


“So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple.”
[Luke 14:33]


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