To You I Will Cry


To You I Will Cry
By Tom D Blakely

To You I will cry
Lord Jesus my Rock
Please answer the door
Of prayer as I knock…
Hear my earnest supplication
When I cry, unto You
When I lift my hands in prayer
Cleanse my sin, keep me true.

Your mercy I plead
For I am Yours Lord
The godless You judge
But You are my God…
Blessed be my Lord and Saviour
He who hears, as I pray
In a world awaiting judgment
He keeps me, in His way.

I lost sight of You
And I was afraid
My faith was restored
And I was so glad…
You’re the God of my salvation
When with You, I rejoice.
When I lift my hands in prayer
I know You, hear my voice!


“To You I will cry, O Lord my Rock…”
[Psalm 28]


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