A Vague Belief Is Not Enough!


A Vague Belief Is Not Enough!
By Tom D Blakely

So many wish for peace with God
A future safe in heaven
An ‘after-life’ insurance plan
That’s just there for the asking.

They’ve heard that God’s a loving God
Who’s willing to forgive them
Though some are not quite sure what for
They just agree to please Him.

“Believe!” Is all that they are told
“For God is kind and loving,
Believe in Jesus Christ the Son
And you will be forgiven!”

A church is irresponsible
If this is all it’s teaching
In fact it also might be lost
Such basic truths are missing!

The Bible emphasises sin
Has caused our separation
God cannot tolerate our sin
There’s no negotiation.

The separation carries on
From now until hereafter
If we refuse the way of God
Come death, we’re lost forever.

Christ said the lost will burn in hell
He warned of hell quite often
But we have clergy nowadays
God’s Word they try to soften.

For God so loved the world He sent
His only Son to save us
To save us from a burning hell
Where sinners all will perish.

No living soul can dwell in heaven
At peace with God forever
Unless their sin has been removed
Through Christ our only Saviour.

A vague belief is not enough
The Devil knows Christ well!
But that won’t change his destiny
Of eternity in hell.

God’s word requires us to repent
Which means turn away from sin
The poison which is anti-God
And decide which side we’re on.

Christ is the only way to God
For we come to Him in sin
And if truly do repent
We will know we are forgiven.


Jesus said to him,
“I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
[John 14:6]


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