Poetry E-H


Each Day  By June Stein
Each New Day  By Cinda M Carter
Each New Day  By June Stein
Easter  By Lucia K Haase
Easter  By June Stein
Easter Past  By June Stein
Easter Speaks  By Lucia K Haase
Easter Time  By Sylvia E Blakely
Eden  By Tom D Blakely
Effort Required  By Tom D Blakely
Emancipation  By Christine Hare Tate
Endless Blessing  By Tom D Blakely
Enduring Love  By Marie C Neubauer
Enduring Sound Doctrine  By Marie C Neubauer
Equality  By June Stein
Equipped To Overcome  By Christine Hare Tate
Established In Love  By June Stein
Esther  By W A Zamorano
Esther’s Treasure  By Marie C Neubauer
Eternal Joy In My Heart  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Eternal Law Of God  By Tom D Blakely
Eternal Life!  By Marie C Neubauer
Eternity  By Joanne Standfield
Eternity To Eternity  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Even When I’m Faithless  By Joanne Standfield
Even So, Praise The Lord!  By Tom D Blakely
Ever So Swiftly  By Marie C Neubauer
Ever Steadfast, Ever Faithful  By June Stein
Every Care  By Marie C Neubauer
Every Day  By June Stein
Every Day Remains A Blessing  By Cinda M Carter
Everyday’s The Lord’s Day  By Marie C Neubauer
Every Knee Shall Bow  By Marie C Neubauer
Every Step  By June Stein
Every Trial  By Tom D Blakely
Everyone’s Appointment!  By W A Zamorano
EVOLUTION  By Frederick Blanchard
Exalt Him!  By W A Zamorano
Exposed  By Christine Hare Tate
Extend Forgiveness  By Lucia K Haase
Extra Baggage  By Christine Hare Tate
Extra, Extra!  By W A Zamorano
Eyes Fixed On Jesus  By Tom D Blakely
Eyes Fixed Upon My Lord  By Marie C Neubauer


Facade  By Christine Hare Tate
Facing Eternity  By Tom D Blakely
Facing Ordeals  By Christine Hare Tate
Facing The Unknown  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Faint Not  By Christine Hare Tate
FAITH  By Frederick Blanchard
Faith  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Faith  By Joanne Standfield
Faith Alone Can Justify  By June Stein
Faith And Discipline  By June Stein
Faith Complete  By Tom D Blakely
Faith, Hope And Love  By June Stein
Faith In Him  By Frederick Blanchard
Faith Like A Child  By W A Zamorano
Faith Like Abraham  By Lucia K Haase
Faith To See The Cross  By Tom D Blakely
Faithful And True  By Tom D Blakely
Faithful Is The Lord  By Cinda M Carter
Faithful Is The Lord Our God  By June Stein
Faithful To The Cross  By Tom D Blakely
Faithful To The End  By Marie C Neubauer
Fallen Crumb  By Frederick Blanchard
False Assumptions  By Tom D Blakely
Families Need Christ  By June Stein
Fan The Flame  By W A Zamorano
Far Away  By Tom D Blakely
Far Brighter!  By Tom D Blakely
Farewell & Adieu  By Tom D Blakely
Fast Comes The Night  By Tom D Blakely
FASTING  By Frederick Blanchard
Father Of Infinite Goodness  By June Stein
Fear Not  By Cinda M Carter
Fear Not  By Lucia K Haase
Fear Not! I Am Here With You  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Fear Or Faith  By Christine Hare Tate
Feast Of The Lamb  By Frederick Blanchard
Feeling Completely Free  By Marie C Neubauer
Feeling Left Out  By Lucia K Haase
Feeling Useless?  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Feelings  By Tom D Blakely
Feelings And Faith  By June Stein
Fellowship Unbroken  By Tom D Blakely
Fellowship With Jesus  By Christine Hare Tate
Fervent In Your Faith  By Lucia K Haase
Few Will Enter In  By Sylvia E Blakely
Fiery Trials  By Tom D Blakely
Fight Fear!  By June Stein
Fighting The Good Fight Of Faith  By Marie C Neubauer
Fill Us With Your Love Anew  By Marie C Neubauer
Filled With Jesus  By Tom D Blakely
Final Call  By Tom D Blakely
Find Shelter At The Cross  By Tom D Blakely
Finding Purpose  By June Stein
Fire  By Souad Susu Majdoub
Fire And Rain  By Marie C Neubauer
Firmly Planted  By Christine Hare Tate
First In My Life  By June Stein
First Love  By Tom D Blakely
First Love  By Marie C Neubauer
Fishermen!  By Lucia K Haase
Five Solas  By Tom D Blakely
Fixing Our Eyes  By Joanne Standfield
Flames Of Fire  By Joanne Standfield
Flames Of Love  By Marie C Neubauer
Flow  By Souad Susu Majdoub
Flustered  By Christine Hare Tate
Focus!  By Tom D Blakely
Follow Christ  By Lucia K Haase
Follow Me!  By Lucia K Haase
Following Christ  By Lucia K Haase
Following Jesus  By Lucia K Haase
Following On  By June Stein
Food For Body Food For Soul  By Frederick Blanchard
Foolish Man?  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Foolish Pride  By Marie C Neubauer
For A Life So Full And Free!  By Marie C Neubauer
For All Who Do Not Know  By June Stein
For God’s Glory  By Christine Hare Tate
For Him I Live!  By Christine Hare Tate
For I Am The Bright Morning Star  By Lucia K Haase
For Me!  By June Stein
For Our Salvation  By Christine Hare Tate
For Peace  By Lucia K Haase
For Such A Time As This  By Tom D Blakely
For The Thirsty!  By June Stein
For Those That Mourn  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
For Unto Us  By Lucia K Haase
For You Jesus Suffered  By Frederick Blanchard
For Your Glory  By Tom D Blakely
Forbidden Fruit  By Tom D Blakely
Forever!  By Lucia K Haase
Forever Amen  By Tom D Blakely
Forever And Ever  By Marie C Neubauer
Forever And Ever And Ever!  By Marie C Neubauer
Forever Free  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Forever Grateful  By W A Zamorano
Forever Mindful  By Christine Hare Tate
Forever The Same!  By Tom D Blakely
Forever They Shall Stand  By Marie C Neubauer
Forever, To Rule And Reign With Him  By Joanne Standfield
Forever Your Child!  By June Stein
Forevermore  By Christine Hare Tate
Forevermore Give Thanks!  By Tom D Blakely
Forget Not The Cross  By Christine Hare Tate
FORGIVE  By Frederick Blanchard
Forgiven  By Christine Hare Tate
Forgiven And Blessed  By June Stein
Forgiveness  By Lucia K Haase
Forgiveness  By Sylvia E Blakely
Forward In His Light  By June Stein
Fountain Of Mercy  By Tom D Blakely
Four Weeks To Live  By Tom D Blakely
Free!  By June Stein
Free From Fear  By Marie C Neubauer
Free Indeed!  By Marie C Neubauer
Freedom  By Souad Susu Majdoub
Friends  By Tom D Blakely
Friends In Christ  By June Stein
Friends, Who Pray  By June Stein
Friendship  By Joanne Standfield
From A Thief’s Perspective  By Rita Broden
From Death To Life  By Tom D Blakely
From Inside Out  By Tom D Blakely
From My Heart  By Rita Broden
From The Meadow, Jesus Calls  By Lucia K Haase
Fruitless Trees  By Christine Hare Tate
Fulfilling His Wondrous Plan  By Joanne Standfield
Fullness Of Joy  By June Stein
Function As One  By Christine Hare Tate


Gentle As A Butterfly  By Lucia K Haase
Gentle Voice  By Frederick Blanchard
Gethsemane  By Christine Hare Tate
Getting Older  By Sylvia E Blakely
Ghosts Of Guilt  By Tom D Blakely
Gifts From God  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Give Him Glory!  By W A Zamorano
Give Him Thanks, Give Him Praise!  By Marie C Neubauer
Give Me A Friend  By Cinda M Carter
Give Me Strength  By Frederick Blanchard
Give Your Best To Jesus  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Giving  By Tom D Blakely
Giving Me The Victory!  By Tom D Blakely
Gleefully Yours!  By Rita Broden
Glorious Day  By Frederick Blanchard
Glory Divine  By Frederick Blanchard
Glory, Glory  By Lucia K Haase
Glory, Glory, Lamb Of God  By Tom D Blakely
Glory To Come  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Glory To Him  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Glory To Your Name!  By Marie C Neubauer
Go Forth And Proclaim  By Joanne Standfield
Go Out With Joy!  By Lucia K Haase
Go Ye Therefore  By W A Zamorano
God Cares About You  By Christine Hare Tate
God Carried Me Through  By Cinda M Carter
God Does The Saving!  By Tom D Blakely
God Has A Special Plan For You!  By Lucia K Haase
God Has Always Had A Plan  By Marie C Neubauer
God Has the Power!  By Lucia K Haase
God Help Me!  By Tom D Blakely
God Is  By Frederick Blanchard
God Is Almighty!  By June Stein
God Is Good To The Ungrateful  By Rita Broden
God Is In Control  By June Stein
God Is My Refuge  By Tom D Blakely
God Loves You  By Lucia K Haase
God Made Us & We Are His  By June Stein
God Of Wow!  By Souad S Majdoub
God Saves Us By His Will  By June Stein
God Sent His Love!  By Marie C Neubauer
God Sent His Son  By Tom D Blakely
God Softens The Blow  By Cinda M Carter
God To The Rescue  By Christine Hare Tate
God Upholds The Widow  By Marie C Neubauer
God’s Almighty Power  By June Stein
God’s Beautiful World  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
God’s Cradle  By Frederick Blanchard
God’s Dwelling Place  By Tom D Blakely
God’s Favor  By Lucia K Haase
God’s Glory  By June Stein
God’s Guidance  By Tom D Blakely
God’s Hand Of Grace  By June Stein
God’s Hands  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
God’s Home With Me?  By June Stein
God’s Kingdom  By Tom D Blakely
God’s Law And God’s Love  By June Stein
God’s Line  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
God’s Love  By Frederick Blanchard
God’s Love For Us  By June Stein
God’s Love Is Real  By W A Zamorano
God’s Peace  By Tom D Blakely
God’s People  By Tom D Blakely
God’s Plan For Man  By W A Zamorano
God’s Planet Earth  By Christine Hare Tate
God’s Promises Are True!  By Marie C Neubauer
God’s Reason For The Four Seasons  By Cinda M Carter
God’s Searchlight  By Christine Hare Tate
God’s Steadfast Love  By June Stein
God’s Truth And Love  By Cinda M Carter
God’s Way  By June Stein
God’s Word  By June Stein
God’s Word In Practice  By Tom D Blakely
God’s Word Made Flesh  By Marie C Neubauer
God’s Word Shall Stand!  By Marie C Neubauer
Godless Signs & Wonders  By Rita Broden
Godliness With Contentment  By Marie C Neubauer
Godly Heroes  By Rita Broden
Godly Stewardship  By June Stein
Gold  By Lucia K Haase
Golgotha  By Christine Hare Tate
Good Advice  By Sylvia E Blakely
Good Deeds  By Sylvia E Blakely
Good Friday  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Good Lord Willing  By Rita Broden
Good Morning Lord  By Marie C Neubauer
Good News – Bad News  By Tom D Blakely
Good Night Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
Good Reason  By Rita Broden
Goodbye To Care  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Goodwill To All  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Gospel Infection  By Christine Hare Tate
Gottes Freie Gabe  By W A Zamorano
Grace And Truth!  By Marie C Neubauer
Gracious Father  By Frederick Blanchard
Grasp The Bread  By Lucia K Haase
GRATEFUL  By Marie C Neubauer
Grateful To Be Forgiven  By Cinda M Carter
Great And Mighty God  By Christine Hare Tate
Great God Of Creation  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Great Mercy  By Christine Hare Tate
Growing Stages  By Rita Broden
Guard Your Thoughts  By Tom D Blakely
Guide My Steps  By Tom D Blakely
Guide Us Lord Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
Guided By His Hand  By Doreen Margaret Higgs


Hail Christ – The Risen King!  By Lucia K Haase
Halfway House of Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Hands  By Lucia K Haase
Happy Easter Morning!  By June Stein
Happy New Year!  By Lucia K Haase
Hark!  By Christine Hare Tate
Hark What Light!  By Rita Broden
Harvest Time  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Have No Fear  By June Stein
Have You Been Born Again?  By Marie C Neubauer
Have You Been To Calvary?  By Marie C Neubauer
Have You Met Jesus?  By Marie C Neubauer
He Abides In Me  By Rita Broden
He Always Gives Us Victory!  By Marie C Neubauer
He Always Will Stay!  By Marie C Neubauer
He Calms Our Troubled Sea  By Joanne Standfield
He Came For All  By W A Zamorano
He Changes Lives  By Marie C Neubauer
He Could Come At Any Moment!  By Joanne Standfield
He Dispels All Darkness  By Marie C Neubauer
He Gives Us Rest  By Marie C Neubauer
He Glorifies Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
He Has Called You By Your Name!  By Lucia K Haase
He Has Everything Under Control!  By Marie C Neubauer
He Has Risen  By Frederick Blanchard
He Has Risen! He Lives!  By June Stein
He Hit A Nerve  By Christine Hare Tate
He Is Alive!  By W A Zamorano
He Is Always There  By Marie C Neubauer
He Is Coming  By W A Zamorano
He Is In Control Of Everything  By W A Zamorano
He Is Lord!  By Tom D Blakely
He Is Not Dead, He Is Alive  By W A Zamorano
He Is Our All In All  By Marie C Neubauer
He is Risen  By W A Zamorano
He Is The Lord  By Christine Hare Tate
He Is Waiting For You  By Tom D Blakely
He Just Wants To Share His Love  By Joanne Standfield
He Kindled The Fire  By Christine Hare Tate
He Leads Me And He Guides Me  By Joanne Standfield
He Lives In Me  By Marie C Neubauer
He Prepares A Table Before Me  By Joanne Standfield
He Took My Place  By Sylvia E Blakely
He Transforms Lives  By Marie C Neubauer
He Understands  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
He Who Sustains You  By Lucia K Haase
He Who The Son Sets Free…  By Joanne Standfield
He Will Answer Our Call  By Marie C Neubauer
He Will Take Care Of You  By W A Zamorano
He’ll Bring Us Through  By Marie C Neubauer
He’s Always There For Me  By Joanne Standfield
He’s Coming!  By Joanne Standfield
Heading Home  By Tom D Blakely
Headless Chicken  By Tom D Blakely
Heal Our Land  By Marie C Neubauer
Heal Our Nation  By Tom D Blakely
Healed By Christ’s Power  By Marie C Neubauer
Healing  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Healing Faith  By Tom D Blakely
Healing Stream  By Tom D Blakely
Healing Words For A Hurting Heart  By Cinda M Carter
Hear Your Children Jesus!  By Marie C Neubauer
Heartfelt Joy!  By Christine Hare Tate
Hearts Of Stone  By Christine Hare Tate
Hearts Are Stirred  By Marie C Neubauer
Heaven  By Marie C Neubauer
Heaven Calling  By Tom D Blakely
Heaven Is Home  By Tom D Blakely
Heaven Knows  By Tom D Blakely
Heaven’s Gate Is Open Wide!  By Tom D Blakely
Heaven’s Gaze  By Lucia K Haase
Heaven’s Gift  By Marie C Neubauer
Heaven’s Tranquil Shore  By Christine Hare Tate
Heavenly Chimes  By Tom D Blakely
Heavenly Choir  By Tom D Blakely
Heavenly Vision  By Tom D Blakely
Heavy Burdens  By Tom D Blakely
Hedges  By Tom D Blakely
Heed The Warnings  By Christine Hare Tate
Help For Today!  By June Stein
Help Me Draw Closer  By June Stein
Help Me Listen  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Help Me Lord!  By Tom D Blakely
Help Me To Share  By June Stein
Help Us, Lord  By June Stein
Help Us To Be Faithful  By June Stein
Helping Others  By Lucia K Haase
Here And Now  By Christine Hare Tate
Hide The Word  By Marie C Neubauer
Higher Ground  By Joanne Standfield
Highs & Lows  By Frederick Blanchard
Highway To Hell  By Tom D Blakely
His Cleansing Blood  By Christine Hare Tate
His Compassions Fail Not  By Marie C Neubauer
His Favor  By Lucia K Haase
His Gentle Hand  By Lucia K Haase
His Glorious Church!  By Marie C Neubauer
His Glory Will Be Seen  By W A Zamorano
His Healing Grace  By Marie C Neubauer
His Joy Is My Strength!  By Joanne Standfield
His Light Will Arise  By Joanne Standfield
His Living Word  By Joanne Standfield
His Love  By Lucia K Haase
His Marvelous Light!  By Lucia K Haase
His Name Is Jesus  By W A Zamorano
His Perfect And Good Plan  By Joanne Standfield
His Perfect Law Of Liberty  By Marie C Neubauer
HIS-STORY  By Sylvia E Blakely
His Will Is His Word  By Marie C Neubauer
His Word  By Joanne Standfield
Holy Day  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Holy Land  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Holy Righteous One  By Christine Hare Tate
Holy Spirit  By Christine Hare Tate
Holy Spirit, Come In Glory!  By June Stein
Holy Spirit Fall On Me!  By Marie C Neubauer
Holy Spirit Fall On Us  By Tom D Blakely
Holy Spirit Return  By Tom D Blakely
Holy Spirit Revival  By Tom D Blakely
Holy Spirit Visit Us  By Tom D Blakely
Homesick  By Christine Hare Tate
Honour And Glory  By Souad Susu Majdoub
Hope Arises Amid The Storms  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Hope For The Weary Soul  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Hope For Today  By Marie C Neubauer
Hope Springs Eternal!  By June Stein
Hosanna!  By W A Zamorano
Hosanna!  By Lucia K Haase
Hosanna, He Is Alive!  By W A Zamorano
House On A Rock  By June Stein
How Are We to Live?  By June Stein
How Beautiful You Are To Me  By Lucia K Haase
How Can We Change The Whole World?  By Rita Broden
How Can We Serve?  By June Stein
How Can We Thank You?  By June Stein
How Can You?  By Joanne Standfield
How Can You Explain?  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
How Do I Know Jesus Lives?  By Tom D Blakely
How Do You Worship?  By Souad Susu Majdoub
How Does It Fit?  By Tom D Blakely
How Great Is Our God  By Frederick Blanchard
How Great You Are  By Marie C Neubauer
How Is God A Fair God?  By Tom D Blakely
How Long Lord?  By Rita Broden
How Lovely It Is  By Joanne Standfield
How Much More Has Been Given!  By Joanne Standfield
How Sweet To Be With Jesus  By June Stein
How Thankful I Am  By Joanne Standfield
How To Pray  By Tom D Blakely
How Will They Know  By W A Zamorano
Humankind  By Tom D Blakely
Humble Love  By June Stein
Humbled & Exalted  By Tom D Blakely
Humility  By Lucia K Haase
Hurting Inside?  By Marie C Neubauer


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