A Christmas Gift  By Sylvia E Blakely
All About Christmas  By W A Zamorano
Alleluia  By Christine Hare Tate
An Hallelujah Choir  By Lucia K Haase
At The Manger…  By Lucia K Haase
Behold The Babe  By W A Zamorano
Beloved Son Of God  By Christine Hare Tate
Bethlehem  By Tom D Blakely
Born From Above  By Tom D Blakely
Celebrate!  By W A Zamorano
Christ Christmas  By Rita Broden
Christ Is The Hope Of Christmas Day!  By Marie C Neubauer
Christ, The Son of God  By June Stein
Christmas Bling  By Christine Hare Tate
Christmas Day  By Frederick Blanchard
Christmas Is Here  By W A Zamorano
Christmas Is Special  By Tom D Blakely
Christmas Joy  By Christine Hare Tate
Christmas Tears  By Rita Broden
Christmas Trappings  By Christine Hare Tate
Christmas Tree  By Lucia K Haase
Christmastime  By Marie C Neubauer
Come All Ye Saints  By W A Zamorano
Countdown To Christmas!  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Exalt Him!  By W A Zamorano
For Unto Us  By Lucia K Haase
God’s Love Is Real  By W A Zamorano
Goodwill To All  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Hark!  By Christine Hare Tate
He Came For All  By W A Zamorano
He Is In Control Of Everything  By W A Zamorano
Heavenly Chimes  By Tom D Blakely
Heavenly Choir  By Tom D Blakely
Immanuel! Immanuel!  By Lucia K Haase
Jesus On Display  By Christine Hare Tate
Joy To The World  By Lucia K Haase
Long Ago And Far Away  By Christine Hare Tate
Lord Of Glory  By Tom D Blakely
Maybe After The Holiday?  By Tom D Blakely
Meaning of Christmas  By Sylvia E Blakely
Missing Something?  By Tom D Blakely
Nearly Christmas  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
O Holy Night  By W A Zamorano
On Christmas Eve  By Lucia K Haase
On The Day Of Christ’s Birth  By Cinda M Carter
One Little Cabin  By Lucia K Haase
Peace On Earth  By Rita Broden
Please Tell Me What Is Christmas All About  By W A Zamorano
Praise Christ The Lamb!  By Tom D Blakely
Put Christ Back Into Christmas  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Room For Jesus?  By Tom D Blakely
Snowflakes  By Lucia K Haase
Suddenly  By W A Zamorano
Tell The Story Again  By W A Zamorano
The Counsellor  By Marie C Neubauer
The Gift  By Cinda M Carter
The Gift  By Lucia K Haase
The Gift Of His Love  By Joanne Standfield
The Greatest Christmas Present  By Rita Broden
The Greatest Gift Of All!  By Marie C Neubauer
The Jesus-Gift  By Lucia K Haase
The Joy Of Christmas  By W A Zamorano
The Prince of Peace  By Lucia K Haase
The Night Before Christmas  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
The Real Night Before Christmas  By Rita Broden
The Reason For The Season  By W A Zamorano
The Savior Son  By Lucia K Haase
The Unspeakable Gift  By W A Zamorano
This Christmas  By June Stein
This Precious Eve  By Lucia K Haase
This Silent Night  By Lucia K Haase
Timeless Christmas Praise!  By Marie C Neubauer
Tis The Season  By Christine Hare Tate
Unwrap The Gifts  By Christine Hare Tate
Walking With The Savior  By Rita Broden
What Brought You Down?  By Tom D Blakely
What Does Christmas Mean To You?  By Sylvia E Blakely
What King Is This?  By Marie C Neubauer
Where Is The Christ In Christmas?  By W A Zamorano
Which Tree Will It Be?  By W A Zamorano
Whose Birthday Is It?  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Would You Like To Start Again?  By W A Zamorano