Meditative & Visionary

A Blazing Sunrise Comes To Be…  By Lucia K Haase
A Broken Wing  By Frederick Blanchard
A Child’s View Of Church  By Tom D Blakely
A Coming Famine  By Marie C Neubauer
A Cry In The Wilderness  By Frederick Blanchard
A Few Observations  By Marie C Neubauer
A Former Friend  By Rita Broden
A Jagged Sword  By Frederick Blanchard
A Journey  By June Stein
A Journey Of Faith  By Souad Susu Majdoub
A Lesson From The Skunk  By Frederick Blanchard
A Lighthouse  By Lucia K Haase
A Little Seed  By Rita Broden
A Loving Bond  By Christine Hare Tate
A Question  By June Stein
A Steadfast Spirit  By Lucia K Haase
A Tale Of Two Tables  By Rita Broden
Adultery  By Tom D Blakely
An Admonition  By W A Zamorano
Angel  By Tom D Blakely
Anywhere You Go, I Go  By Tom D Blakely
Apart From Jesus  By Christine Hare Tate
As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap  By Lucia K Haase
Ask  By Souad Susu Majdoub
Author Of Spin  By Tom D Blakely
Autobahn Of Christ  By Frederick Blanchard
Autumn Morning  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Becoming More Like Jesus  By Christine Hare Tate
Betrayal  By Frederick Blanchard
Breathe In His Love  By Frederick Blanchard
Bumpy Flight  By Tom D Blakely
Cast Down O My Soul?  By Tom D Blakely
Choices  By Rita Broden
Civvy Street  By Tom D Blakely
Clinking Chains  By Lucia K Haase
Come Join With Us  By Rita Broden
Comfortable  By Rita Broden
Contagion  By Tom D Blakely
Daily Sin  By Tom D Blakely
Darkness To Light  By Rita Broden
Debate  By Doreen M Higgs
Demise Of The Nations  By Tom D Blakely
Demon Possession  By Tom D Blakely
Dialogue With The Devil  By Tom D Blakely
Faith In Him  By Frederick Blanchard
Fallen Crumb  By Frederick Blanchard
False Assumptions  By Tom D Blakely
Fast Comes The Night  By Tom D Blakely
Final Call  By Tom D Blakely
First Love  By Tom D Blakely
Flustered  By Christine Hare Tate
Forever Your Child!  By June Stein
From A Thief’s Perspective  By Rita Broden
Ghosts Of Guilt  By Tom D Blakely
Gleefully Yours!  By Rita Broden
God’s Love  By Frederick Blanchard
Headless Chicken  By Tom D Blakely
How Is God A Fair God?  By Tom D Blakely
I…  By Lucia K Haase
I Can Hear The Shepherd Calling  By Lucia K Haase
If I Could Go Back In Time  By Cinda M Carter
Illusion  By Rita Broden
In Court  By Tom D Blakely
In Search Of The Unknown  By Tom D Blakely
Is God A Fair God?  By Tom D Blakely
Ivory Keys  By Frederick Blanchard
Jealous Love  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus Clears The Temple  By Lucia K Haase
Joy In Believing  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Land Of Good And Plenty  By Christine Hare Tate
Lawless  By Tom D Blakely
Light v Darkness  By Tom D Blakely
Lion of Judah  By Frederick Blanchard
Living Recklessly  By Christine Hare Tate
Love Hurts  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Love’s Abandon  By Rita Broden
My City  By Tom D Blakely
My Life Vest  By Tom D Blakely
My ‘Ouch’ Poem  By Rita Broden
Now I Lay Me  By Rita Broden
On Wings of Eagles  By Frederick Blanchard
Our Tailor Is Christ  By Frederick Blanchard
Outside  By Rita Broden
Overcomers  By Marie C Neubauer
Paint Me A Picture  By Tom D Blakely
Piranhas Of Sin  By Frederick Blanchard
Pastor Of The Year!  By Tom D Blakely
Predestination  By Tom D Blakely
RMS Titanic  By Tom D Blakely
Root Of All Sin  By Tom D Blakely
Satan v Church  By Tom D Blakely
Satan Is Roaring  By Rita Broden
School Of Satan  By Tom D Blakely
Searches The Depth  By Frederick Blanchard
Season of the Seed  By Frederick Blanchard
Seasons Of The Heart  By Christine Hare Tate
Seek, And You Shall Find!  By June Stein
Send Me A Friend, Lord  By Rita Broden
Should We Be Surprised?  By Tom D Blakely
Siloam  By Tom D Blakely
Snow White Sheets  By Tom D Blakely
Spellbound & Shackled  By Tom D Blakely
Strict Obedience  By Tom D Blakely
Sun and Moon  By Frederick Blanchard
Temptation  By Tom D Blakely
The Ants  By Tom D Blakely
The Days Are Dark  By Tom D Blakely
The Difference  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
The Dream  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
The Dying Soul  By Rita Broden
The Essence Of Life  By Tom D Blakely
The Footsteps Of God’s Army  By Joanne Standfield
The Great Whore  By Tom D Blakely
The Healing  By Rita Broden
The Highway Of Holiness  By Joanne Standfield
The Interrogator  By Tom D Blakely
The King Is Dead. Long Live The King!  By Tom D Blakely
The Message  By Tom D Blakely
The Old Piano  By Tom D Blakely
The Painting  By Joanne Standfield
The Scale  By W A Zamorano
The Shopping List  By Frederick Blanchard
The Sin Gun  By Tom D Blakely
The Skipper  By Tom D Blakely
The Three Nails  By Frederick Blanchard
The Violin  By Christine Hare Tate
The Visiting Stranger  By Rita Broden
This Court Declares You Free  By Tom D Blakely
Thy Kingdom Come  By Lucia K Haase
Time In-Between  By Frederick Blanchard
Trough Of Despond  By Tom D Blakely
We Think WE’RE Busy?  By Rita Broden
What Started As A Weed Bed  By Rita Broden
What Will I Be Doing?  By Rita Broden
Worthy Of His Name  By Tom D Blakely