Prayer & Devotional

A Beneficial Treat  By Christine Hare Tate
A Call To Pray  By W A Zamorano
A Christian Soldier  By Rita Broden
A Daily Prayer  By Marie C Neubauer
A Fortress  By Lucia K Haase
A Little Reflection Of You  By Marie C Neubauer
A Morning Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
A New Day Is Dawning  By Joanne Standfield
A Picture Of Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
A Prayer Of Adoration  By Cinda M Carter
A Prayer Of Praise  By June Stein
A Refuge Of Hope  By Marie C Neubauer
A Rose Filled Vase  By Joanne Standfield
A Secret Place  By June Stein
A Sinner’s Prayer  By Marie C Neubauer
A Small Member  By Christine Hare Tate
A Sobering Thought  By Christine Hare Tate
A Struggled Prayer  By Frederick Blanchard
Abiding  By June Stein
Abiding  By Tom D Blakely
Almost Stumbled  By Tom D Blakely
Always There!  By June Stein
Always, You Are There  By Marie C Neubauer
An Answer!  By June Stein
An Earnest Prayer  By Frederick Blanchard
Another Day Is Over  By Joanne Standfield
Answers  By June Stein
Anyone In Trouble?  By Tom D Blakely
As The Sun Goes Down  By Tom D Blakely
Ask Anything!  By Tom D Blakely
Ask Anything In Jesus’ Name  By Tom D Blakely
Be Prepared!  By Tom D Blakely
Believe And Stand Firm  By Christine Hare Tate
Burdens Lifted  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Call On The Lord  By Lucia K Haase
Cleanse Your Holy Temple!  By Tom D Blakely
Come Away  By Marie C Neubauer
Come Find Hope And Peace  By Marie C Neubauer
Come To Him In Prayer  By Cinda M Carter
Cup Your Hands  By Frederick Blanchard
Days Of Gray  By Tom D Blakely
Days Of Heaven On Earth  By Joanne Standfield
Dear Lord  By Cinda M Carter
Dear Lord  By Lucia K Haase
Dear Lord, Give Me Wisdom  By Cinda M Carter
Deeper Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Devotion  By Tom D Blakely
Does God Hear?  By Lucia K Haase
Don’t Dwell On Sin!  By Tom D Blakely
Draw Me Nearer, Holy Spirit  By Tom D Blakely
Each New Day  By Cinda M Carter
Each New Day  By June Stein
Emancipation  By Christine Hare Tate
Endless Blessing  By Tom D Blakely
Every Step  By June Stein
Faith To See The Cross  By Tom D Blakely
Fellowship With Jesus  By Christine Hare Tate
Fighting The Good Fight Of Faith  By Marie C Neubauer
For Peace  By Lucia K Haase
Forgiveness  By Sylvia E Blakely
Friends, Who Pray  By June Stein
Gentle Voice  By Frederick Blanchard
Giving Me The Victory!  By Tom D Blakely
God’s Dwelling Place  By Tom D Blakely
God’s Line  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Good Morning Lord  By Marie C Neubauer
Good Night Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
Gracious Father  By Frederick Blanchard
Guide Us Lord Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
Halfway House of Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
He Gives Us Rest  By Marie C Neubauer
Healing Faith  By Tom D Blakely
Hearts Are Stirred  By Marie C Neubauer
Help Me Draw Closer  By June Stein
Help Me Listen  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Help Us, Lord  By June Stein
His Healing Grace  By Marie C Neubauer
His Word  By Joanne Standfield
How Beautiful You Are To Me  By Lucia K Haase
How Does It Fit?  By Tom D Blakely
How Lovely It Is  By Joanne Standfield
How To Pray  By Tom D Blakely
I Come To Pray  By Marie C Neubauer
I Give You My Heart  By Marie C Neubauer
I Hide In His Loving Hug  By Kumalawaty Sundari
I Know Who Holds My Day  By Tom D Blakely
I Lay Awake  By Tom D Blakely
I Pray For Fresh Anointing  By Joanne Standfield
I Wait Before The Lord  By June Stein
I Will Follow  By June Stein
I’m Reaching, Lord  By Lucia K Haase
In His Arms Of Love  By Joanne Standfield
In The Heart Of Jesus  By Frederick Blanchard
In The Temple  By Lucia K Haase
In Your Refuge  By Lucia K Haase
Inside Out  By Christine Hare Tate
Intercession  By Lucia K Haase
Intercessors  By Souad Susu Majdoub
Into His Garden  By Frederick Blanchard
It Only Takes A Moment  By Joanne Standfield
It’s Far Too Precious!  By Joanne Standfield
Jesus Cares For Me  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus My Lord  By Tom D Blakely
Jesus, Please Teach Me  By Rita Broden
Jesus Said Come!  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus Set the Example  By Marie C Neubauer
Jesus Waits For Us  By Marie C Neubauer
Keep On Knocking!  By Lucia K Haase
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus  By Marie C Neubauer
Keeping God’s Peace  By June Stein
Less Of Me  By Christine Hare Tate
Let Prayer Begin  By Cinda M Carter
Let Your Spirit Flow  By June Stein
Lift Me Higher!  By Marie C Neubauer
Living Water  By Frederick Blanchard
Look Up, There’s Hope!  By Marie C Neubauer
Lord, gimme. . .  By Tom D Blakely
Lord Hear Our Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Lord, Hear Our Prayer  By June Stein
Lord Keep Me Close  By Tom D Blakely
Lord Lead Me  By June Stein
Lullaby From Jesus  By Frederick Blanchard
Meditation On Christ  By Tom D Blakely
My Prayer He Will Hear  By Tom D Blakely
Nearer To You!  By Tom D Blakely
New Day  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Of A Gentle Nature  By Frederick Blanchard
Oh, What Amazing Love!  By Joanne Standfield
On This Day  By June Stein
One True Faith  By June Stein
Our Days Belong To You  By Tom D Blakely
Our Example  By June Stein
Our God  By Tom D Blakely
Peace  By June Stein
Peace Through Prayer  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Perfect Rest  By Marie C Neubauer
Persevering Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Place Of Peace  By June Stein
Pray At This Moment  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Pray God’s Way  By Tom D Blakely
Prayer For America  By Marie C Neubauer
Prayer For Guidance  By Marie C Neubauer
Prayer For Revival  By Tom D Blakely
Prayer For Self  By Tom D Blakely
Prayer To God The Father  By June Stein
Prepare One’s Heart  By Frederick Blanchard
Quiet Corner  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Remember The Cross  By Sylvia E Blakely
Remembrance  By Tom D Blakely
Remind Us How To Pray  By Tom D Blakely
Revival Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Room At The Cross  By Frederick Blanchard
Rubber Stamp Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
Salvation Prayer  By Marie C Neubauer
Set Aside My Pride  By Cinda M Carter
Set Aside The Sandals  By Frederick Blanchard
Shalom  By Joanne Standfield
Show Me The Way Lord  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Slay The Enemy  By Frederick Blanchard
Sleepless Nights  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Soldiers Make Time To Pray  By Marie C Neubauer
Staying In Touch  By Marie C Neubauer
Talk Things Over  By Marie C Neubauer
Teach Us To Pray  By Frederick Blanchard
Thank you Lord  By Frederick Blanchard
That I Can Say, ‘I know you, Lord’  By Lucia K Haase
That Secret Place  By Joanne Standfield
The Answer Lies Within God’s Word  By Lucia K Haase
The Beauty Of Your Essence  By Joanne Standfield
The Closet  By Frederick Blanchard
The Devil Hates Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together  By Cinda M Carter
The Hiding Place  By Cinda M Carter
The Light Of God’s Face  By June Stein
The Lord’s Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
The Mountainside  By Lucia K Haase
The Most Rewarding Time  By Christine Hare Tate
The Need For Quiet Days  By June Stein
The Place Of Prayer  By Tom D Blakely
The Power Of Prayer  By June Stein
The Rote Way  By Frederick Blanchard
The Secret Place  By W A Zamorano
Time  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Time In Prayer Is Precious  By June Stein
Time With The Lord  By Doreen Margaret Higgs
Time With You  By June Stein
To You I Will Cry  By Tom D Blakely
To You The Glory Ever  By Tom D Blakely
Together With Jesus Every Day  By Kumalawaty Sundari
Too Far  By June Stein
Trusting In Jesus  By Tom D Blakely
Unknown Paths  By June Stein
Watch & Pray  By Tom D Blakely
Watch And Pray  By Cinda M Carter
Watchman On The Wall  By Rita Broden
We Talk Things Over  By Marie C Neubauer
Weary And Lonely  By June Stein
What Would I Do?  By Christine Hare Tate
What’s Important?  By Cinda M Carter
When The Brook Runs Dry  By Tom D Blakely
Who Hears My Prayers?  By Tom D Blakely
You Come, Lord  By June Stein